Plans as of July 16, 2018

The faucet page has been getting some momentum and I see that earning cryptocurrency is very popular right now so I want to take a step forward in that direction. We’ll be adding a casino and a blackjack game that will use cryptocurrency so people can earn more cryptocurrency playing games!


There is a possibly of a service that I want to do, it is a computer building service. I would put up build plans and costs that will include a build fee, I want the service to be the best for the player but also be budget friendly! How it would work is a user buys a plan then after that I will order the parts (delivery times are normally 4-6 days) after I receive the parts I will start building (should only take a day to 3 depending on quantity of orders) then I will ship to buyer.


Deposits to the faucet are coming today or tomorrow, please be patient


Please email [email protected] with any questions or with any suggestions